How Can I Add (or Remove) a Tag from My Contacts

Tags are the organizational function in Connect 365 that determine which contacts get added to which campaigns. The process for Adding (or removing) tags follows a similar process.

When you create a campaign you are directed to choose the 'Tag' that will be associated with that particular campaign.

There are 3 common ways to add a tag to your contacts.

First - you have the option when uploading your contact files into Connect 365 to Add a Tag to all contacts on that list.

Second - you can add (or remove) tags individually by Editing Their Contact Record.

For more information on adding tags to individuals one-by-one here -

Third - you can bulk add (or remove) a Tag to individual contacts in your account by using the Actions function and Assign Tags.

To do that you click the Checkmark next to the specific contacts on your Main Contacts page.

Next you would click the Actions button and 'Assign Tags' then choose the tag you'd like to apply to the checkmarked contacts.